Woman Brilliantly Trolls Guy Asking For Nudes And Becomes 2018’s First Hero

Nudes are a modern phenomenon. While they can bring couples closer together, many people chose to pester others for intimate pictures and, in some cases, send unsolicited snaps of their own junk in an attempt to prompt the object of their fancy into doing the same thing.

Most people who have been single in the age of the smartphone know all too well the horror of receiving an unsolicited d*ck pic. Whether it’s a Tinder match you stupidly gave your phone number to, or, as was the case for me, a person I assumed was just a friend. But getting pestered for nudes is a whole different ballgame, especially when the request comes from someone you barely know. Nude requests can make women, in particular, feel pressured into accelerating the pace at which they’d ideally like to go when dating. If they comply with their potential bae’s request for nudes, he will likely try to physically take it to the next level when they meet up. However, one woman has come up with an ingenious way of dealing with unwanted nude requests. Her idea was so brilliant that it quickly went viral on Twitter and inspired many users of the microblogging website to come up with equally brilliant suggestions. So the next time someone pesters you for nudes, you’ll know exactly what to do… Pobre Diabla posted a screenshot of a conversation between her and man who had the audacity to ask her for nudes. Instead of saying no, she decided to troll the horny individual in the most hilarious way possible and all it took was one phrase – “Attachment: 1 Image.” Alongside the picture, she wrote, “im prankin this guy as if im sending nudes but in reality…im literally typing “Attachment: 1 Image. (sic)” True to form, Twitter loved Diabla’s idea, and it wasn’t long before she started to receive some other brilliant suggestions, including the classic forever download! “Send this,” wrote Twitter user David Levene, alongside a picture of a download that hadn’t completed. On the subject of things taking forever, another user suggested she sent a typing bubble that simply produced no nudes. Mark wrote, “Another trick is to send this gif so to them it looks like you’re still typing… forever.” However, it turns out that Diabla is not the first woman to use this ingenious idea to troll people asking for nudes. “Next time use this.. it’s what I use it drives them mad lol (sic),” wrote Stephanie Main alongside a picture of “Photo Not Available”. But the majority of Twitter users did not have any suggestions to add to the post, they simply praised Diabla for dealing with the nude request in such a brilliant way. “I wonder what got tired first, his brain or his expectant hand,” wrote Kevin. Chloe Hoppie added, “Legit my hero.” Echoing the sentiment of what I wrote earlier in the article, this YouTuber brilliantly explains why many men ask the women they are dating for nudes. Coupled with Diabla’s idea, this will prepare you well for any future nude requests!

So go forth and troll people asking for nudes in the best way people.

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