Why Sam Bees Correspondents Are Apologizing for Trumps Racism

Donald Trump doesnt like to apologize. So the correspondents from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee are doing it for him.

The bulk of this weeks episode will be dedicated to The Apology Race, an ambitious collection of field pieces inspired by The Amazing Raceironically, the reality competition show that repeatedly bested Trumps The Apprentice at the Emmy Awards.

My four correspondents will race to apologize to the world for Trump, Bee says in a promo for tonights show.

Over the course of two weeks, Amy Hoggart, Mike Rubens, Ashley Nicole Black and Allana Harkin received individual assignments to respond to each godawful, stupid, piece-of-shit thing Trump has done in real time.

Amazingly, the project launched the day before Donald Trumps shithole countries comments became public.

In the days after Trump made those comments, Full Frontal decided to send Amy Hoggart to Haiti, mostly because it was the closest of the so-called shithole countries.

As it turned out, Hoggart was in Haiti at the same time as her TBS network-mate Conan OBrien, who was taping a special for his show in that country last week as well. They tried to connect but didnt end up running into each other, she told The Daily Beast in a phone interview before heading into Wednesdays pre-show rehearsal. While Hoggart says she would have loved to hang with OBrien, she also wanted to prioritize meeting actual Haitians.

We dont think youre a shithole, Hoggart would tell them. Someone who doesnt know anything about you referred to you off-hand as a shithole. In our interview, she also shot back at commentators like Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren, who insisted that Haiti is, in fact, a shithole.

I would love to find out what her experience with Haiti is, how much she knows about it and whether shes ever been there, Hoggart said.

Mike Rubens, who has the distinction of being Bees only male correspondent, was sent to Mexico City, where he told us he was astonished by some of the interviews he conducted with Mexican citizens who took Trumps many insults to heart.

These were things that they thought about a lot, he said. They felt really upset that they were being misrepresented. As Mexicans, they were like, What is this that were rapists and murderers? They felt genuinely hurt by that. And so eager to say, Thats not what we are.

In addition to traveling to Mexico, Rubens also met with United Steelworkers head Chuck Jones, who feuded with Trump over his broken promises to keep jobs at a Carrier plant from moving to Mexico. Its not just foreign countries, theres plenty of people to apologize to right here at home, he explained.

The one thing you can be sure of is that pretty much every day Trump is going to say something offensive and shocking, Rubens added, so we were pretty sure that there was going to be plenty of material.

As Hoggart told us, the entire process felt something like a more depressing version of the actual Amazing Race. Because you get a call and theyre like, Youre going here tomorrow, youre going there tomorrow so youre like, oh my gosh, what an exciting life, she said. And then what youre doing is talking to people whose lives have been destroyed or have been offended or humiliated by Trump, and youre not thinking about how fun it is to travel at that point.

Rubens stressed that even though the segments include a lot of comedy, they contain some really serious moments as well. To actually put faces to names and hear actual human beings address these things, I think is pretty powerful, he said.

There are pieces in the segments youll see tonight in which we meet individuals and families who have been really fucked over by Trumps policies, Hoggart added.

But what surprised her even more is how much his words had affected them.

Theyd taken his comment about Haiti being a shithole, which Id thought was ignorant and racist and just something that an idiot would say off-handtheyd taken it very personally, she said of the Haitians she met. And I was really frustrated because Im convinced he doesnt even know where it is on a map or anything about it. Anything he types while on the toilet or says off-hand can have a massive effect on peoples pride and their feelings.

Theres one moment from Hoggarts trip to Haiti that she loved but didnt make it into the final edit for tonights show. At one point, she met a Haitian woman who previously lived in New York City but couldnt stand living there, so ended up moving back home. That really made me laugh, she said, that America is a shithole.

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