These Jeans Have A Zipper For Your Butt And We Can’t Think Of Any Logical Reason Why

We all love a good pair of jeans.

I mean, they look good on both men and women, they’re versatile and despite the fact that they’ve been knocking about the shops since the 19th century, we simply can’t get enough of them.

Now my personal taste in jeans is pretty tame – I have a pair with a few subtle rips but that’s about it. But if you are a lot more of a risk-taker as far as pants are concerned, you might want to jump on this revolutionary new jeans trend. The hugely expensive brand, Vetements, has formed a partnership with Levis, and they have launched a brand new pair of “high-distressed jeans”. And not just any “high-distressed jeans”, but those with a zipper spanning the length of your buttcrack… and then some. Vetements is a Parisian “design collective” which presented its very first collection in the fall of 2014. They’re still fairly new but are very much making their mark in the fashion world. But surely zippers are meant to do just that unzip – and most people have little need for unzipping their backside. So isn’t the whole thing just a little counterproductive? Well, personally I can think of no other explanation than that fashion is sort of like art in the sense that anything goes – no matter how bizarre. And if there are people willing to buy these pants then why not? Watch the hilarious video below to see popular YouTube page ThinkTank discuss why they think the jeans will be pretty helpful for those who need to go for a number two: The butt zipper jeans are a pair of pants that you can wear fully zipped when you’re in public, and perhaps when you’re in a more relaxed setting (a very relaxed setting), you can milk that little zipper for all it’s worth. And it’s worth a lot apparently. Yep, if you’re interested in taking advantage of this relatively new fashion trend, you should know that it’s probably out of your price range. Unless of course, you’re in the financial position to be able to shell out $1,870 for a pair of pants. A pair of pants that zip down from the ass! I should also mention, for those interested, that these new jeans also have zippers which go down the back of the leg – like anyone cares about that. Now let’s call a spade a spade – no one is buying these jeans because they serve any practical purpose. It’s just as easy to unzip your regular pants and pull them down. I mean, we could painstakingly devise a list of potential uses: to let air in on a hot day, or to let air out on a gassy day. And let’s not get into the sexual uses. But in reality, no one is going to unzip one of the most “risque” parts of the human body in public. And they’re certainly not going to spend a fortune on them just to lounge about in them at home where they are free to unzip whenever they please. Although the brand is still pretty unknown in more mainstream circles, the fashion connoisseurs amongst us will know of this brand. And some of them will be willing to pay the price for wearing an unconventional piece of clothing. Vetements, the brand responsible for these butt liberating jeans, are also known for “designing” very ordinary t-shirts and selling them at what many would consider extortionate prices. For instance, they sell DHL t-shirts for $330 despite the fact that the actual company sells them for only $14.99. And yes I’m talking about the DHL that you’re thinking of – the courier and mailing service providers. Amazingly, the simple and inexplicably expensive t-shirt sold out in weeks when they were first launched by the design collective. Well, I suppose if you give anything an expensive price tag, you can tempt anyone into thinking they’re worth buying. The jeans (and the DHL t-shirt) are certainly not items of clothing that I would consider purchasing, but if you’re feeling brave and you have the money then go for it!

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