Pranksters swap welcome signs in villages

board member Image copyright Login Railway Station
Image caption Mischief-makers swapped around three Carmarthenshire village signs

Pranksters have left people living in three Welsh villages scratching their heads, by swapping their welcome signs around.

Mischief-makers have mixed up the roadside markers for Login, Llanfallteg and Efailwen in Carmarthenshire.

Login’s sign wrongly welcomed people to Llanfallteg, which became Efailwen, while Efailwen was turned into Login.

The culprits also switched around 30mph speed limit signs for 60mph national speed limit markings.

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Carmarthenshire council board member Hazel Evans said: “This seems to have been a moment of jest for someone, but this does impact on our resources and more importantly could cause accidents in the area as a number of speed restriction signs have also been tampered with.”

Carmarthenshire council Image copyright Login Railway Station
Image caption A sign welcoming people to Efailwen sign was replaced by this one saying they were in Login

Peter Towns, who runs a tearoom with his wife Dawn at former railway station the Login Station House, said the pranksters had gone to a lot of effort.

“I can’t imagine how they managed to do it on the A478, which is the main road to Crymych,” he said.

The changes were first spotted on Friday.

culture Image copyright Login Railway Station
Image caption It’s not Efailwen – it’s Llanfallteg

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