Police Confirm Logan Paul Really Did Citizens Arrest an Intruder. Heres Who He Collared.

Embattled YouTube superstar Logan Paul issued a citizen's arrest on Tuesday night after a fan broke into his LA mansionand it wasnt just a prank, police have confirmed to The Daily Beast.

Around 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, Paul came home to find a man downstairs sitting on his couch charging his iPhone.

The man, 20-year-old, Tahj Deondre Speight, was no friend of Paul's or any of the other vloggers in the house, and had apparently entered the residence through the unlocked front door.

While other people were home at the time, they thought Paul himself had entered the house downstairs and never came down to check.

Paul purchased his seven bedroom, nine bathroom house for nearly $7 million last fall and the mansion is a frequent backdrop for his daily vlogs.

After discovering the intruder and issuing his citizen's arrest Paul called the police. Speight, who is apparently a fan of Paul's and just wanted to meet him, was charged with criminal trespassing. His bail was set for $4,000.

Paul has yet to post video of the incident on his blog, but is known for posting outrageous videos in order to rack up views on his channel.

After quitting YouTube for nearly three weeks just last month after suffering backlash for his controversial "suicide forest" video, Paul returned to daily vlogging on YouTube on Sunday.

He initially posted a promotional film focused on suicide prevention in late January, promising to produce more thoughtful content, yet began his first daily vlog back by punching a little person in the face.

In that same video, he encouraged his fans to buy as much of his merch as possible so that he can pay off his house, since YouTube cut his ad revenue in half as punishment for the viral suicide video stunt.

Later in the video, he suggested that he and his brother, Jake Paul, be sent to North Korea to negotiate world peace.

Proposal: We take me and maybe Jake and send us to North Korea. We annoy everybody. We find Kim Jong Un and poke him in his chubby little tummy until he giggles like a teddy bear and agrees to disarm all nuclear warheads," Paul says.

And that was all in Paul's first video.

By Tuesday of this week, Paul was being criticized by animal rights activists after tasering two dead rats and attempting to give a fish in his koi pond "cpr."

In his vlog, Paul comes upon the rats (one of which was placed on his balcony by his assistant) and after debating how to get rid of them he eventually decided to fry their lifeless bodies with a taser.

"No rat comes into my house without getting tased!" he yells at the camera.

His stunts come just weeks after the YouTube star promised to be more sensitive around issues of death.

The 22-year-old even experienced a brush with death himself this month when his skydiving parachute failed to open.

Maverick lives to fight another day, yo," he said on Instagram Stories following the event.

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