Kanye West Tweets America Should Bring Back Slavery! – Perez Hilton

What the serious eff?

Kanye West — sorry, Ye — took his full-throated support of Donald Trump to another level Saturday night after his SNL performance.

Videos: Matt Damon’s Epic SNL Opener

But if that was off the deep end, Sunday was into the middle of the deep, dark ocean.

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That’s when the I Love It rapper tweeted that he thought the U.S. should bring back slavery.

We are not kidding. Look:

“As we abolish the 13th amendment.”

The 13th Amendment banned slavery.

This is not a message sent with love. Nor knowledge.

He later clarified:

Um. Whut?


Something tells us people are calling and trying frantically to give Kanye basic history lessons.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN/Twitter.]

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