Kanye West Explains That 13th Amendment Tweet & Yandhi Delay! – Perez Hilton

Once again… Kanye West has some splainin’ to do.

As promised, the rapper appeared on TMZ Live Monday to clarify some of his recent controversies, particularly his recent tweet suggesting that the 13th Amendment should be “abolished.”

Sitting down with Harvey Levin, YE admitted he “misspoke” when he said he wanted to “abolish” the amendment that abolished slavery. In actuality, he wants to “amend” the amendment so it no longer allows for indentured servitude of those convicted of crimes.

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Mr. West’s solution? Getting together a “group of super knowledgeable people” to make amendments on our constitution!

Uh… who wants to explain to Kanye what the U.S. Congress does? Anyone…? Lana Del Rey?

As for why the father-of-three didn’t drop his new album Saturday night like he said he would, Kanye said he’s simply not done recording it yet.

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Explaining that he started incorporating “sounds you’ve never heard before” and “concepts people don’t talk about” on the yet-to-be released LP, the performer revealed he wanted to take a little more time to perfect Yandhi.

So, he’s flying to Africa in the next couple weeks to complete the project, where he plans on drawing inspiration and energy from the African soil. The new Yandhi release date will be November 23, aka Black Friday.

Watch the clips (below) to hear the stream of consciousness explanations straight from YE’s mouth.

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