Family Pay $250 For “Professional Photoshoot”, But The Pictures Had Them In Tears

It’s easy to say you’re a professional photographer these days. Good cameras are readily available and plenty of schools offer courses in photography. But owning a camera and taking a course does not automatically mean your pictures will turn out great.

One family from Missouri found this out the hard way. They probably should have spent a little more time researching the photographer they hired for their family photos. Either that or just used an iPhone on self-timer. But some folks still like the tradition of taking professional photos, be it for a Christmas card, wall hangings, or just as keepsakes, and Dave and Pam Zaring though it would be the perfect way to celebrate their blended family. Dave and Pam got married three years ago and each has a child from previous relationships. They say they were contacted by a woman claiming to be a professional photographer who was willing to photograph the new family together. So Dave, Pam, their two sons Cade and Connor, and Dave’s mother Sharon all took a trip to Saint Louis to meet this photographer. They agreed to pay her $250 for the shoot and editing, and were promised that they would receive their finished family photos within a few months. The finished product was not what they were expecting… When the photos finally arrived, nothing could have prepared the family for what happened next. The family’s faces in the pictures had been edited beyond recognition! “I’ve never laughed this hard in my life,” Pam revealed. “My kids were so confused. They thought we were playing a joke on them. They just kept saying they looked like Lego people.” The washed out, smooth, white faces, do have a comical plastic look about them. Clearly, the photographer did not know what she was doing and it is amazing she accepted payment and sent these hilariously unprofessional photos at all. The photographer, named Lesa Hall, claimed that there were shadows in the pictures due to the clear sunny day and that she had not been properly taught how to retouch her photos. Most people would immediately ask for a refund, but surprisingly the Zaring family did not. While they did ask to be sent the original, untouched photos, Pam says they let the photographer keep the payment due to how much joy the retouched pictures brought. Pam claims she hadn’t laughed that hard in years, and that the fee was worth it for that experience alone. She has since shared her bizarre photos on her Facebook page and they have now gone viral with over 300,000 shares! Perhaps the lesson here is to leave room for surprises. While the Zarings still need to find another photographer for their family portrait, their experience was one they couldn’t have sought out if they had tried. Pam has no regrets, and says the experience was “worth every dime”. It’s one thing when photos that can be reshot turn out bad, but what if your wedding photos looked like the Zaring’s family portraits? Getting married is something you’re hopefully only going to do once, but it seems some couples may have been a bit hasty when choosing a photographer. Check out the video below to see a compilation of hilariously bad wedding photos from around the world. You won’t be disappointed:

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