Bride Returns From Hen Party To Learn The Terrible Truth About Her Fianc’s Affair

Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life, as you celebrate officially uniting with the love of your life, whilst surrounded by family and friends.

However, for 37-year-old, Sarah Cocker her happy day was ruined before it even begun when she learned that her husband-to-be, Chris Heraty, had cheated on her with her best friend, Nikki Scandling. Cocker, who has two children with her fiancé, cancelled the ceremony two months before it was due to take place in July this year. This decision left her thousands of pounds out of pocket and humiliated as she had to break the news to friends and family. Cocker and Heraty had been together for five years before they committed to tying the knot and together they have two children, aged two and four. However, that wasn’t enough to stop Heraty from exploring love in other places. Cocker was clueless about her fiancé’s infidelity, so much so that she invited her close friend, Scalding, to her hen do in Costa Blanca, Spain. The large group celebrated in style with a 1920s themed party on the first evening. It was during this night that Scalding approached the bride-to-be on the dance floor. “Are you having fun?” she asked Cocker, who responded, “Sure am!”. For the duration of their three day holiday, Scalding would continue to be very “nicey-nicey” to her friend, who was oblivious to the fact that she may have had ulterior motives. Upon returning home, Cocker was greeted by her husband-to-be who complimented her tan and said, “it’s good to have you back.” However, a few days later cracks began to show when Heraty went out drinking on the Saturday with work colleagues. He told Cocker that he would be staying at his mother’s house that night, as the trains ran more frequently back to her house from the town. After Cocker put the children to bed, she expected to hear from her partner, but no message came. Exhausted from her hen party antics, she fell asleep at 8.30pm. When she awoke in the morning, Heraty had still not contacted. Assuming he was lying in, she gave him the benefit of the doubt.  However, by 3pm she still hadn’t heard from him. Having not heard anything from her fiancé in 24 hours, she began to experience “a funny feeling in her gut.” Finally, she text him for an update. He responded to say he was safe, but “feeling rough” and would be home in a few hours. He then didn’t arrive home til 5pm on Sunday, while the children were having their dinner. Under further probing, Heraty confessed that they had “missed the train,” so he “stayed at Rachel’s.” This infuriated Cocker, who asked him outright if he was having an affair with Rachel, a good friend of hers. However, it would transpire that Rachel was the least of her worries. Heraty stormed out of the house and denied having had an affair with Rachel. But, Cocker could tell that something was “just not right”. Unable to face him in person, she text him to ask: “Have you been unfaithful to me?” to which he responded: “No nothing is going on with Rachel at all.” Dissatisfied, Cocker sent a further message, which read: “Anyone else?”. But, she was not expecting the reply… “No but there is something to tell you though, me and Nikki have kissed. I’m so sorry Sarah xxx” he replied. Upon reading the message, Cocker felt instantly sick. Heraty went on to confess that he had kissed Nikki the night before and on one other occasion.

“My eyes welled with tears and my hands shook as I re-read Chris’s messages over and over. But then my thoughts turned to Nikki. On the hen do she had been so nicey-nicey, all while hiding this dirty little secret. Come to think about it, she’d been over-the-top nice. Now it all made sense.

We were meant to be walking down the aisle in just eight weeks’ time, yet now my dream wedding was fading fast. It was so out of character – I’d always trusted Chris 100%.”

Heraty tried to comfort his wife-to-be, but Cocker wasn’t prepared to forgive him. The next day, they both went to work where Cocker “plastered a smile across [her] face,” until the evening arrived and her fiancé could reveal the truth about his adultery.

“I’d had all day to think and I’d made a decision. If Chris grovelled and showed genuine remorse, I was prepared to forgive him. But all he could do was keep mumbling sorry.”

Cocker was shocked that the man she was to marry showed absolutely no remorse for his behavior. So she asked him if he loved her, to which he said he did. Not content with the sincerity of his response, Cocker asked: “Can you honestly stand at the altar and say those vows?”. In response, the father of her children just looked “sheepish”. When Cocker asked him why he thought kissing one of her friends was appropriate, he said: “What an idiot I am and how much everyone’s going to hate me.” However, the breaking point came when Cocker asked if it had been worth it, to which he replied: “I think so yeah.” Furious, Cocker made him pack his bags and leave, which he did without question. “I couldn’t believe I’d been jilted before I’d got to the altar and that my groom had given up everything we had for a stupid fling,” she told The Sun.

“Over the next few days I felt physically sick and was unable to eat. But then something changed in me and I saw red. I texted Chris’s mum and sister to tell them what he’d done and like me, they were absolutely gobsmacked.”

She ensured that she informed all of the wedding guests that the date had been cancelled, but craftily left Nikki until last. “Are you not talking to me Nikki?” she asked in a text. “Sarah I am so sorry I don’t know what to say. I am heartbroken and devastated that I have hurt you.” she quickly replied. The next day, Heraty came to collect his things. Broken, and now facing huge fees for a wedding that was now cancelled, Cocker felt extremely depressed. However, after she posted a picture of Nikki to Facebook to alert all her friends to the truth, she began to smile as she saw their responses of support flooded in.

“My friends’ comments were coming in thick and fast and suddenly I found myself smiling for the first time in ages. Now I’m still battling with wedding suppliers and I still can’t believe I’m no longer marrying the man I loved. I also have my honeymoon to Barcelona coming up, which I’m still going on but with my bridesmaid.

Chris broke my heart and destroyed the wonderful future we could have had, but I’m just glad I found out who he really was before that ring was on my finger.”

Both Heraty and Nikki have refused to comment on the story and offer their side.

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