We Can’t Get Enough Of Chrissy Teigen And John Legend’s Text Convos

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been serving up relationship goals for some time now.

Yes, theyre super talented. And really, really good-looking:

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But more than that, their relationship dynamic and banter are pure entertainment. Below, a look back at some of Chrissy and Johns most hilarious text exchanges:

When Chrissy couldnt find her mouthguard:

When she wrote some dope lyrics for John:

When she had a craving for grilled cheese that just couldnt wait:

When John supported her through a very trying time:

When she made some bomb mac and cheese:

When she shared this kernel of marriage wisdom:

When they tried to get the internet working again by any means necessary:

When she roasted the sh*t out of him:

When she drunk texted him about the broken cable/internet situation:

When John dropped an undeniable truth:

When their fur baby Puddy wasnt feeling well:

When Chrissy was all of us:

Keep doing you.

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