Why China’s craft breweries are tapping into ancient beer recipes

April 26, 2017

(CNN)China is home to one of the oldest civilizations, so it’s only fitting that it’s home to ancient beer as well. The 5,000-year-old brewery is the earliest evidence of barley- and millet-based beer-making in the country. Inspired by the scientists’ findings, two breweries — Jing-A Brewing Co in Beijing and Moonzen Brewery in Hong Kong — set out to give the modern world a taste of an ancient experience by recreating the original beer recipe. …


Reminder To Progressives: Abortion Is An Economic Issue

April 24, 2017

… well-documented motherhood financial penalty. research shows, for example, that mothers are less likely to be hired for jobs and they are offered lower starting salaries when they are hired. (Men dont appear to be similarly disadvantaged by becoming dads, and might actually benefit from it, career-wise.) Roughly 60 percent of women who have abortions are already mothers, which means they understand these factors not in some abstract way, but both deeply and personally. In fact, economic …


Earth Day Pioneer Calls It A ‘Day Of Mourning’ This Year Thanks To Trump

April 22, 2017

… George W. Bushs administration. Thousands of scientists are planning to march on the National Mall on Saturday to protest what they see as Trumps disregard for science and government funding for research. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsColin Theriot’s Badass Training Colin Theriot’s Baddass TrainingWP Tweet Machine PRO Developers – 10 Clients eCom Pages Mastermind Group Exclusive Private Mastermind Group + Monthly ContentTurnkey Profit Machines The $10,000+ Per Month …


Japanese scientists want to be first to drill into the Earth’s mantle

April 8, 2017

(CNN)Humans have been to the Moon and explored almost every corner of the planet — but there’s one place they have never been. A group of Japanese scientists said they plan to be the first group to successfully drill into the Earth’s mantle, the planet’s vast molten-rock interior, which lies just beneath the outer crust. researchers at Japan’s Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) say they are hoping to discover more about how our planet was …


What we know about Syria’s chemical weapons

April 6, 2017

… ‘I now have responsibility’ Congressman: ‘I don’t think’ Assad is behind attack Before the war began in 2011, Syria had research and production facilities near Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Latakia and Hama that turned out hundreds of tons of chemical agents a year, according to the US-based James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies and the Nuclear Threat Initiative, which catalogs the world’s arsenals of weapons of mass destruction. Syria never signed …


Hunting for treasure at low tide – BBC News

April 5, 2017

… from the humdrum of modern life, and interesting doing research on your finds. “Plus you get to meet some really interesting like-minded people.” Edward Sandling, Vauxhall Image copyright Joseph Fox Ted believes that London’s beauty lies in the fact that it hasn’t all been embanked, and its tides allow these things to be found on the beaches: “It churns up discoveries every day. Every tide there are new things to be found.” The one item he is …