House punts health care vote on eve of shutdown deadline

April 28, 2017

Washington (CNN)The House of Representatives will not vote on health care this week, despite a White House attempt to revive a health care reform package ahead of President Donald Trump’s 100th day in office. “We are not voting on health care this week,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters late Thursday. Hours before a Friday deadline, Congress was working to pass a short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown while they worked on a broader deal to …


Republicans aim to revive health care with new amendment

April 27, 2017

(CNN)House Republicans are hoping they can revive Obamacare negotiations once again. GOP lawmakers in the House have taken the crucial step of putting their latest hope for a health care compromise on paper, circulating legislative text that could launch yet another round of health care talks just in time for the last of President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office. A draft amendment obtained by CNN, first reported by Politico, gives renewed insight into where the GOP may be moving …


FDA cracks down on ‘illegal’ cancer treatments

April 26, 2017

… operations officer in the FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs, told CNN. “The FDA’s role is to review and evaluate products for safety and effectiveness, particularly products that are intended for the treatment of a disease like cancer. Cancer requires the supervision of a licensed health care provider.” See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter. Nicole Kornspan, a consumer safety officer at the FDA, said in a written …


Utah Physician Says She’ll Happily Do The Job Jason Chaffetz Won’t

April 21, 2017

… the success it has seen in the wake of Trumps election, namely the close contests this month in Kansas and Georgia special elections. Americans, she said, are sick of what they are seeing. Allen said her platform focuses on promoting science, advocating for public education, protecting the planet and providing every American with health care. And she stressed the important role women will play in changing the collective mindset in Congress. …


Indian ad with transgender mom stirs debate — and tears

April 20, 2017

New Delhi (CNN)An advert challenging the norms of a traditional family in India has gone viral, with more than 9 million views on YouTube. The ad’s storyline pushes the issue of transgender rights within the country and reveals the human side of the issue in just three and a half minutes. Released online on March 31, the commercial by medicine company Vicks tells the true story of Gayatri, a young Indian orphan who was adopted by Gauri Sawant, a 37-year-old Mumbai-based transgender woman …


House Republicans Were Handed A Historic Opportunity. They’re Blowing It.

April 7, 2017

… health care bill before the Easter break, said Republicans were still on schedule. But all the flexibility on timing wont account for the inflexibility of Ryans conference. Conservatives insist the GOP health care bill eliminate regulations that protect people with pre-existing conditions from being charged more for insurance. Moderates have said they cant go along with that. And Republicans appear to have no way to break those disagreements. And theyre supposed to pass a massive …


For GOP on health care, there’s no ‘moving on’

March 29, 2017

(CNN)What a fiasco. On Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan trudged to the White House to tell President Donald Trump Republican leaders didn’t have the votes to pass their health care bill. Then, moments before a scheduled vote, leadership withdrew the bill. Paul Ryan says it was a “setback” and that Republicans are “moving on” from health care. Meanwhile, Donald Trump says Obamacare will explode and it won’t be pretty. “We will be living with …


Why maternity and mental health coverage may decide health care bill’s fate

March 23, 2017

(CNN)House GOP leaders are now looking to change an Obamacare provision that guarantees all health insurers cover services such as maternity, mental health and prescription drugs, in hopes of wooing conservative lawmakers to their side. The dramatic shift — which would strike at blow at the heart of Obamacare — comes after conservative Freedom Caucus members lobbied President Donald Trump Wednesday to eliminate the provision, which is not in the current GOP health care plan. …


To The Women Of The View: Don’t Normalize Tomi Lahren

March 22, 2017

… a place to go get hyped up on nationalist caffeine. Lahren fans will just see their extreme views become more acceptable when they become acceptable enough to air on ABC. You closed the segment saying We dont bite. That might be true, but Lahren has made her career and fame by biting people every, single episode of her show. You had this opportunity not to bite, but to drop some truth. (I was waiting for someone to bring up health care reform, the emoluments clause, or Trumps infidelities and …


Trump credits his Twitter wrath for Kaepernick’s unemployment

March 21, 2017

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump veered off message Monday night at a campaign-style rally aimed largely at pushing for the Republican health care overhaul to take credit for a completely different issue: keeping former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick out of a job. While talking to the crowd in Louisville, Kentucky, about the nation’s urban communities, Trump swerved in midstream and cited a report that NFL owners were avoiding hiring Kaepernick because they did not …


The Story Of 2 Families And The Real-life Impact of Obamacare Repeal

March 20, 2017

… the Gibbses might feel better off. But the Secrists, just as surely, would suffer. The American health care Act, the bill that House Republican leaders hope to bring to a floor vote next week, is the proof. If it were to become law,a family like the Gibbses could end up spending less on their health insurance premiums, in exchange for a policy that would cover less. The family would also benefit from substantial new tax breaks the GOP proposal would make available to them. But a family like the …


Van Jones: Trump’s Budget ‘Drops A Bomb Financially’ On His Own Supporters

March 18, 2017

CNNs Van Jones had some blunt words Thursday night for President Donald Trumps voters: Your guy is screwing you. Today was a crazy day, even by Trumps crazy standards, Jones said. We got our first look at the Trump budget, which basically drops a bomb financially and economically on Trumps own supporters. Pointing to the presidents budget and health care proposals, Jones added, The messy truth for Donald Trumps voters is that Donald Trump has already been captured and coopted by the very same …


Dems Say They’ll Help Trump Fix Obamacare If He Stops Trying To Kill It

March 17, 2017

WASHINGTON President Donald Trump, health care failure is not your only option. You can still work with Democrats to repair problems with the Affordable Care Act, top Democratic senators said Thursday. That has led some Republicans, including Trump himself, to suggest in recent days that perhaps the law could collapse on its own, and then Democrats would have to come up with a solution. There is one large problem with the Obamacare death spiral theory, and that is that the recent …


Trump promises ‘negotiation’ on controversial health care bill

March 16, 2017

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump promised Wednesday that the increasingly contentious Obamacare replacement bill would be open to “negotiation,” and that his trademark deal-making could help save the legislation. The American health care Act, crafted by the House GOP but backed by the White House, is in dire political shape as a growing number of hardline and moderate Republicans vow to oppose it. Trump said at a campaign rally in Nashville, Tennessee, that the steadfast …


Paul Ryan ‘Encouraged’ By Report That Says Millions Would Lose Insurance Under GOP Plan

March 14, 2017

WASHINGTON House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Monday that he isencouraged by an analysis from the Congressional Budget Office that found the Republican health care proposal would result in 24 million more uninsured Americans by 2026. Were saying the governments not going to force people to buy something they dont want to buy, he added. And if we end an Obamacare mandate that says you must buy this government, one-size-fits-all plan, guess what, people arent going to buy that. So, of course, …


Breitbart: Price health care vow ‘lie of the year?’

March 13, 2017

Washington (CNN)Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said Sunday that the House Republican health care plan will not leave anybody worse off, prompting the conservative news site Breitbart to question in bold type whether that wouldn’t turn out to be a fib. “Nobody will be worse off financially in the process that we’re going through,” Price said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” The former Georgia congressman also said that a lot of people were …


How Trump’s Election Woke Women Everywhere

March 10, 2017

He was the chief executive of the company, a large health care outfit in New Jersey. Married. Decades older. She was his executive assistant. I felt uncomfortable that whole day, Susan told The Huffington Post recently. Susan rarely wore the dress again, fearing hed mistake it as her trying to please him. She was creeped out. I didnt feel safe. It felt like he was grooming her, Susan says now. Talking to human resources wasnt an option. The CEO was chummy with the guy who ran the …


Insurers Are Worried About The House GOP Health Care Bill

March 9, 2017

The main industry groups representing health insurance companies have broken their silence on the Republican bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with smaller reforms. The health insurer lobbying organizations stopped far short of other health care interests, including the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association, that have already stated their opposition to the bill promoted by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and endorsed by President Donald Trump. …


GOP House Chair Tells Sean Spicer To Mind His Own Business On Obamacare Repeal

March 9, 2017

WASHINGTON A Republican House committee chair said he would like White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to keep his nose out of Congress business on Obamacare repeal, highlighting the tensions between the two branches as they try to come to an agreement on the best path forward. Spicer tried to assure reporters Wednesday that President Donald Trumps administration was approaching health care legislation thoughtfully by reaching out to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. During a House …


Republicans Obamacare Replacement Just Got A Powerful Enemy

March 8, 2017

… politician-speak for overcharging older Americans for their health insurance while lining the insurance companies pockets. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), right, addresses questions about the American health care Act with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Tuesday. Across the board, what it does is shift costs from younger people to older people, said Timothy Jost, a leading health reform expert and emeritus professor at the Washington and Lee University School of …


To Understand What Obamacare Replacement Would Do, Follow The Money

March 2, 2017

… than the value of the credit, or if you have no liability at all, you still get the full value. This is very important in health care because a large number of people buying through exchanges are working in low-paying jobs. They are hotel housekeepers and clerks at big-box stores, home health aides and security guards. If the credits werent refundable, they wouldnt get much or any assistance, even though they are the ones who need it most. Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation Yes, the whole …