Rice Cutlet/ball | QUICK SNACK Recipe | Healthy Food for Kids | Healthy snack recipe |Pakoda|Namrata




Hey Guyz Today we will Learn to make Rice Cutlet/Rice Ball | QUICK SNACK RECIPE | Healthy Food for Kids | Healthy Snack Recipe | Pakoda | Namrata

Crispy Rice Balls | How to make Crispy Rice Ball | Rice Ball without cheese |RIce Pakora|left over rice recipe .This is a best way to use your left over rice.
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How to make Crispy Rice ball
Veg Crispy
Chawal ka Pakoda
RICE pskoda
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Namrata Ohri Verma

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    1. FASHION IVY no dear mainey nahi kiya coat you can if ur stuffing has moisture in it..i kept rice in refrigerator..so didnt find the need of coating..1 to 1.5 tbl spoon besan n 1 spoon rice flour..n u r gud to go

  1. yummy didu meko bi bejo na khane ke liye di msin apki sari video dekh li hain jo ni dekhi thinab cmnt kr rinhun

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