California GOP Mayor Says Attracting Asians And The Gays Helps Reduce Crime

One Republican mayor in California has a plan to make his desert city great again: Bring in more Asian and gay people.

In a recentinterview with Vice magazine, Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parrissaid that increasing the Asian population and the gays, as he called members of the LGBTQ community,can do a lot of good for a city like Lancaster, which, as Vice pointed out, is now known for its neo-Nazis and meth labs.

Good things happen when youre able to increase your Asian population to a certain threshold: Crime rates go down, education levels go up, Parris told Vice. Interestingly, the same thing happens with the gays. Thats why I put the new performing arts center right downtown.

Parris, whos been described by friends as a staunch, conservative, Republican, no bull kind of guy, according to a 2009 Los Angeles Times profile, is no stranger to questionable actions or comments.

The mayor once playedrecordings of birds chirping on speakers along a city boulevard for five hours a day for 10 months because he believed the sounds would calm residents and reduce crime, according to The Wall Street Journal. In 2014, he was criticized for calling a black City Council candidate a gang candidate who would turn Lancaster into a magnet for street gangs.

Lawrence K. Ho/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
Parris said that cultural venues, such as the Lancaster Museum of Art and History he’s standing atop, would bring in a more law-abiding class of people.

Parris comments to Vice about Asian people reflect his ambitious plans to boost the economy by drawing more Chinese people and businesses to the desert city, about 45 miles north of Los Angeles.

The mayor, whos made business trips to China and has attempted to learn Mandarin, convinced BYD, a Chinese manufacturer of batteries and electric cars, toopen up a factory in Lancaster in 2013, according to the L.A. Times. Hes alsopromoted birth tourism in Lancaster for wealthy Chinese familiesto boost revenue at a local hospital. In a 2013 op-ed published in the local news site My Antelope Valley, Parris said it wouldbe a blessing if those children, who would receive citizenship after being born in the U.S., returned to Lancaster to seek higher education, start a business and raise a family.

To me it made perfect sense, he told Vice in response to the backlash he faced for his outreach to China. You have affluent Chinese coming over here, and their children become U.S. citizens. We dont want that?!? What we should be doing is saying, If you have a Ph.D. in money, well pay you to come. Seriously!

Though Parris comments show that he favors Chinese immigrants, they also reveal his apparent prejudices.

The Lancaster mayor seems to label people with racial stereotypes: He views all Chinese people through theAsian model minority myth(which research has dispelled) and generalizes LGBTQ people as artistic, creative types and it may be the reason he was quick to label the African-American council candidate amagnet for street gangs.

Read Vices full profile on Parris here.

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