• The secret meaning behind Slack’s name
  • 11 Hilarious Sibling Rivalry Stories Thatll Make You Glad Youve Grown Up
  • 12 Not-So-Timeless Yearbook Photos We Wish We Could All Forget
  • Ryder Cup 2016: Danny Willett apologizes for brother’s US fans rant
  • Tim Kaine heads to Raleigh to prep for VP debate

The secret meaning behind Slack’s name

AUSTIN, TX – MARCH 15: Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack. (Photo by Mindy Best/Getty Images for SXSW) Image: Getty Images for SXSW The name of one of the world’s fastest growing messaging apps appeared pretty self-explanatory. “Slack” seemed like a simple nod to what you shouldn’t be doing at work. SEE ALSO: Microsoft is allegedly creating a Slack competitor Turns out it was actually an acronym. It stands for Searchable…


11 Hilarious Sibling Rivalry Stories Thatll Make You Glad Youve Grown Up

I cannot tell you how many fights my older brother and I got into while we were growing up. Things could get pretty rough when we were at our worst, but we managed to avoid having to rush to the hospital, at least. After every argument, my mom would just shake her head and tell us that wed be each others best friend someday, which we would obviously balk at…


12 Not-So-Timeless Yearbook Photos We Wish We Could All Forget

With the school year well underway, you’re probably getting your kids ready for school pictures soon, if you haven’t already. Depending on the kid, yearbook photos could be a huge deal. Outfits are planned weeks in advance, and the anxiety of developing a blemish for the big dayis likely to bring on more pimples than usual. Ah, just thinking about it, don’t you miss your days at school? These ’70s,…


Ryder Cup 2016: Danny Willett apologizes for brother’s US fans rant

(CNN)Reigning Masters champion Danny Willett has apologized for an article written by his brother ahead of the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine in which US golf fans were jokingly described as a “baying mob of imbeciles” and a “giggling group of reprobates.” Willett, who will represent Europe as it faces off against the US in the biennial tournament, told the Golf Channel Wednesday that he had spoken to US team captain…


A world without Down’s syndrome? – BBC News

“Having Olly in my life has changed me and my family for the better. He has slightly worse impulse control but that means that it’s very funny because he’s often saying exactly what everybody’s thinking but is too shy to say. “He’s also incredibly caring. He’s the only one of my three kids who every single day will ask me how my day was. He’s really kind. He’s really focused…


Belgium’s migration minister slammed for sharing GIF labeled racist

(CNN)Belgium’s state secretary for asylum and migration is facing criticism after sharing a satirical GIF in which he is seen arresting an undocumented migrant. A video shows the official, Theo Francken, with his face digitally edited over that of a police officer’s while being lowered from a helicopter and placing a suction cup on the head of a black man. The man is arrested and lifted into the sky. The…


Dad Captures Heartbroken 6-Year-Old Saying Goodbye To Her Best Friend

Saying goodbye is never easy. But when it comes time to say goodbye to someone who’s been there literally every day since you were born is heartbreaking. And it’s even harder when you’re only six years old. But that was what happened to 6-year-old Lynn Bakker from Den Helder, Holland. Since her birth, her bulldog, Jaden, had been her constant companion and best friend. Jaden was already 7when Bakker was…


14 Tattoo Nightmares That Might Make You Think Twice Before Getting Your Own

Tattoos have become a pretty normal thing these days. All kinds of folks get them. It almost seems that the tattooed are in the majority, while the blank-slated folks are falling into an even smaller minority. I know elementary school teachers that have tattoos, moms that have tattoos, and white-collar business folk that have tattoos. Heck, even I have tattoos, and I’m afraid to jaywalk for fear of getting in…


Megan Mullally on that ‘Will & Grace’ reunion and the possibility of more to come

(CNN)It’s been more than decade since “Will & Grace” went off the air, but it was almost as if no time had passed when Megan Mullally and her fellow cast members walked on to the set last Tuesday. “The strange part of it was we were all floored, but it also felt like we had all just been there,” the actress told CNN in an interview Tuesday, one day after…


Cardiff Queen Street: Murder arrest after double stabbing – BBC News

It is understood Miss Morgan, of Llandaff North, had studied fashion at the University of South Wales before starting work as a visual merchandiser at Matalan in June. Media captionPeople in Cardiff city centre spoke of their shock at the deaths A university spokeswoman said: “We are deeply saddened to learn of the loss of Zoe, who had been a popular and well-liked student who was now doing well in…


This Hillary Clinton campaign photo brilliantly captures 2016

Image: Barbara Kinney/Hillary for America UPDATE: Sept. 26, 2016, 10:30 a.m. EDT Included comments from Hillary Clinton’s campaign photographer Barbara Kinney. Welcome to the 2016 presidential election. Here we have a photograph of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton standing before a crowd full of excited young supporters at a campaign event in Orlando… except the group of “millennials” greeted Clinton by literally turning their backs to her. You’re probably asking…


Amazon gears up for Prime Video launch in India

Image: AFP/Getty Images In preparation of the launch of Prime Video in India, Amazon is actively partnering with big Indian movie studios for local content. SEE ALSO: Amazon, Netflix strike deals in India for local video content The company announced today that it has partnered with Dharma Productions, one of Indias largest movie studios. As part of the licensing deal, Dharma Productions will provide Amazon with select blockbuster titles including…